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Helpful Downloads, helpful and customer friendly. I purchased MS Office from Helpful Downloads. I thought I was purchasing Office 2019 but ended up downloading Office 365.

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I contacted Coupon65 who said they only help with the coupons and are not related in any way with Koretrak. In my view Coupon65 are in breach of NZ consumer guarantees legislation and have a responsibility to ensure companies they promote are honest in their advertising. 'Buyer beware' when purchasing via Coupon65.

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I purchase several of the $30 off $50… I purchase several of the $30 off $50 Lowe's coupons & did not have a problem using them. I am in a FB group that was discussing the coupons and SEVERAL people said they went into Lowe's & asked if they could use the coupons. They called attention to themselves & to the coupons.

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Scam Site - Fake Discounts to Draw You In The site is a scam. I know this as a fact since I run an online store selling expensive items such as watches and they pretend to have coupon codes for our store, such as 90% off.

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Again, we apologize about the delay, please also accept our coupon code HEYTHANKS15 for 15 % off your next order with us! Happy Thanksgiving! Pacific Seed Bank david 2 reviews. US. there customer service sucks 100% there customer service sucks 100%. I stayed on the phone for over 8(yes 8)hours 2 times and no answer.Ive emailed them over 100(yes

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Why do I need to redeem an E-Deal code if I was already told that the 60% off price given to me was “not available to use in combination with any other coupons or deals?” Mike B. NO response. I called and the rep stated that I had to click on the E-Deal link to proceed with my order.

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To redeem this code, enter SHOPHOUZZ10 in the "Gift Card & Promotional Code” box at checkout and click apply. The 10% discount will be applied to your cart. Please allow 24 hours for the coupon code to activate. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any additional questions or concerns you may have. Your response is as good as your service.

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Creality dont refund. I bought from creality3dshop, and they are selling without stock. Bought 3 items on 09/04/2020, and only 2 were sent, but 1 month later, nothing arrived, and they only sent from china, yeah, China, ok day 06/05/2020, when i paid shippment taxes to receive in 8 to 15 days.

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It's a rip-off and I'm going to contact the Feds to see if they can do anything. This rip-off company also calls themselves I have a receipt from Software Discount USA Order #ARI-SF3086 received on 12/15/2020, payment method was Paypal, unless someone is using their name its a valid purchase.

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RIP OFF! RIP OFF!! paid $200, and masks never arrived. These people are a scam and I hope karma gets them, especially now, at the time of the virus. This is so horrible that they took everyone's money that needed masks for their children and families.

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I just assumed I got ripped off then moved on with my life only to get and email months later asking for a review lol EDIT: so i actually just got my order finally. i still have no idea why most items on the website disappeared the night after i made my order but i would like to add one more star to my review and if the stuff turns out to be

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