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Review travel, expense reimbursement policy – Community

Center locations can request gift cards from Amazon through the Workday requisition system. Amazon is an approved Saint Leo University supplier. In addition, the university does not reimburse employees who make payments using their own gift cards, rebates, reward points, coupons, or gift certificates.

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The interest coupons may be clipped and redeemed on May 30 and November 30 each year. Marnie does not redeem the November 30, 2012, coupon interest until January 8, 2013. Marnie is in constructive receipt of the November 30, 2012, interest payment and must include the $1,500 [$50,000 x 6% x (6 ( 12)] interest payment in her 2012 income.

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Stay Out Of Debt This Holiday Shopping Season

I once used 0% interest 18-month deferred billing for a major furniture purchase. I paid it off just before the 18 months was up so I truly got an interest-free loan. The companies that offer these plans know that a significant percentage of purchasers will not pay off the entire amount in 18 months.

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Refresh on the travel/expense reimbursement policy before

The university will not reimburse payments made by gift cards, rebates, points, coupons, or certificates. University funds should not be used to purchase gifts for employees. Inquiries have been received related to giving gift cards, gifts, or cash to employees, students, or janitorial staff. University funds may not be used for this purpose.

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9 Money-Saving Tips for College Students This Summer

Find deals, coupons, and other discounts for restaurants. Only buy groceries you’ll actually consume. If you get a college meal plan on campus, try getting one of the most affordable ones. Meal plans can take a massive bite out of any budget. 3. Find roommates if you live off campus.

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Sales Promotion

What is Sales Promotion? Similar to advertising with some important differences Like advertising it is a non-personal form of marketing communications However, it is intended to generate sales of a given product at a given time Promotion is intended to invoke a short term response – advertising has a longer planning horizon The customer receives an immediate “pay-off” for using

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